#20 - Bhagyashree Pancholy Misra, Legal Counsel & Remote Work Consultant - About the 'Whys' and 'Hows' of Lawyers Working Remotely


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Joining us in this episode is the legal counsel, founder and remote work consultant, Bhagyashree Pancholy Misra. Due to family perspective, she had to decide - was she going to be a remote lawyer, or would she end her law career? She took the courageous and wise decision to start a career in law remotely, and today she is here to talk to us about how she succeeded. We covered subjects such as the state of remote work in the legal industry, how remote work fits in a lawyer's life and, of course, we couldn't stop going into the topic of digital nomading.

More covered subjects:

  • how to start working remotely as a lawyer
  • what practices to approach remotely as a lawyer
  • how working remotely helps families where one spouse must move places
  • why are digital nomads important for the growth of small communities
  • the maybe trends in future of work

Bhagyashree Pancholy Misra has 10 years of legal and remote work experience, leading and managing legal and operations teams in globally distributed companies. Currently, she owns All Remotely (www.allremotely.com), which is the world's only series of assessments to help teams transition into remote or hybrid teams in a safe, compliant and efficient manner. Also, as the Legal Counsel at Lano, Bhagyashree help teams expand internationally by hiring and retaining talent compliantly.
Bhagyashree's Contact information:



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