Episode 71: Popcorn n' Chill: Jurassic World Dominion


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This episode will kill two birds with one stone. This an EXTRA BUTTER: POPCORN n' CHILL with The Hitman (@Wrestlemojo) on Jurassic World Dominion. I have another podcast, a sister to this one called EXTRA BUTTER. On there i have shows where I talk about films and TV shows out in theaters and streaming called POPCORN n' CHILL. I break down new trailers on TRAILER HATERS. POPPING MY MOVIE CHERRY I watch films I never saw or got into. Then BIZARRO SURmP is the opposite of what i do here and talk about my favorite film in a franchise. WHATS POPPIN is where you get random news almost like a mix of the stuff out there. Last is a new show called POPCORN 10'S this one is a review of movies I loved growing up but are not sequels or part of a franchise. Thats it guys if you wanna chaeck it out click these link to a few places where you can get the podcasts

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