Episode 138 - See you on the flip side Lizzie!


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It's episode 138 of the Silly podcast and Miffy and Anna are back for another wacky week chatting TV, gossip and the latest headlines.

Of course the death of Queen Elizabeth is a hot topic of convo, as is the drama between Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles and Chris Pine. The girls also discuss all their latest TV obsessions. Anna is watching "The Devil in Ohio" and both the girls are watching "House of Dragons" and they both give their opinions on the latest from Kings Landing (get it? get it?).

And of course DAS QUIZ brought to you by the Gee Raff of Mulwala. It's a mix of "Who am I" and also "what am I" and a celebrity "who said that". It's a real fun one, so make sure you give it your all!

All this and more (much more) on this week's "The Silly"---->

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