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Mateo Jaramillo, co-founder and CEO of Form Energy, on the importance of long-term energy storage:

“Lithium Ion will continue to have a very important role to play, but there remains a key function which needs to be replaced on the grid, and that is a function that is currently being provided by coal and natural gas. That is the energy demand when you don’t have wind or solar. So, that’s the kind of moment we have to solve for from an energy storage perspective.”

- Mateo Jaramillo on Scalable Multi-Day Storage Solutions

Mateo Jaramillo earned his AB in Economics from Harvard, and then earned a Master’s in Theology from Yale Divinity School.

Realizing he was more into solving scientific problems than vocational ministry, Mateo became COO and part of the founding team at Gaia Power Technologies, an energy storage firm.

In 2009, Mateo joined Telsa and oversaw product lines, business model definition, global policy and business development.

Mateo then co-founded Form Energy, whose mission is grid decarbonization through multi-day storage.

I’m happy to say that Mateo also serves on the board for the American Clean Power Association, the leading federation of renewable energy companies, where they spend their time expediting the advancement of clean energy as the dominant power source in America.

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What we drank during the episode:

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