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Cele mai bune podcasturi Election 2020 am putea găsi
Cele mai bune podcasturi Election 2020 am putea găsi
The United States of America is now gearing up for the 2020 presidential election. Presidential candidates have been named, and debates as well as election polls have started rolling. Will Donald Trump remain as POTUS for a second term? Or will we see a new US president? Will he/she be a Democrat or Republican? These and more you'll find out by tuning in to podcasts. Podcasts are a very accessible form of media. Just by using your phone or PC, you can stream podcasts right away when you're online. What's great about podcasts is that they're handy too. Just download them in advance, and you can take them anywhere with you for offline listening. You'd be glad to know there are a bunch of podcasts about the 2020 US presidential election. Featuring news, interviews and analyses, these podcasts will keep you updated, starting from the polls and debates, to the primaries and caucuses, up to the national conventions, and finally the main event – the Election Day on November 3rd. Apart from that, you can get to know more about the presidential candidates and their platforms, as well as hear post-election updates from these podcasts. We've gathered the top election 2020 podcasts here so you can start following them. Enjoy and witness as the United States chooses its new commander-in-chief and decides for its future!
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In the fastest growing 2020 candidate podcast in the world, Paul Duddridge interviews as many of the candidates seeking office as possible. Senate, Congress and of course Presidential. As a foreign-born US citizen, he is not eligible to run for the Presidency, but he can talk to everyone who has exercised their right to run for the highest offices in the land.
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On "Can He Do That?" The president is reportedly considering pardoning himself and his family for potential future Justice Department charges. And where does recent news of a “bribery-for-pardon” scheme fit into a president's limitations on pardon power?De către The Washington Post
This week on the "Can He Do That?" podcast, Professor Jeremi Suri offers an example from history with lessons for today. Plus, reporter Yasmeen Abutaleb on the implications of Trump's approach to the virus for Biden's incoming team.De către The Washington Post
On "Can He Do That?" Experts are concerned that the president's unwillingness to start a transition threatens our country’s safety by denying President-elect Joe Biden resources. Shane Harris explains the risks when a smooth transition is blocked.De către The Washington Post
President-elect Joe Biden prepares a transition to the White House — and readies a team to combat a surging pandemic. And for future leaders, the hope and promise of Kamala Harris. Read more: Joe Biden is projected to be the next president of the United States. But, as politics writer Matt Viser reports, the president-elect faces some Trump-sized r…
On "The Daily 202" podcast: the Trump administration, in keeping with the president’s failure to concede the election, has no immediate plans to sign paperwork officially turning over millions of dollars to President-elect Joe Biden's transition team.De către The Washington Post
On "The Daily 202" podcast: President Trump said the ongoing vote count in Georgia, Pennsylvania and other key battleground states amounted to “a major fraud on our nation,” and he vowed to file lawsuits to stop it.De către The Washington Post
Chris Anderson is a Florida election official. In the weeks leading up to Nov. 3, he has been trying to administer an election safely, securely and as smoothly as possible. The tools of his trade: 101,000 Q-tips from a local Dollar Tree, a phone constantly pinging with text messages, and an election supervisor’s prayer that begs, “We don’t care who…
What we can learn from a Supreme Court decision on mail-in ballots in Wisconsin. The states where most voters still can’t vote by mail. And why it’s easier to vote from space than from your own home. Read more: On Monday night, the Supreme Court rejected a request to extend Wisconsin’s deadline for counting mail-in ballots. Justice Brett M.Kavanaug…
On "The Daily 202" podcast: the presidential campaign was roiled anew this weekend by a fresh outbreak of the coronavirus at the White House that infected at least five top aides or advisers to Vice President Pence.De către The Washington Post
On "The Daily 202" podcast, In their final debate, President Trump tried to cast Joe Biden as a scandal-plagued politician and Biden sought to portray Trump as a demagogue who criminally abused immigrants and mishandled the coronavirus pandemic.De către The Washington Post
On the "Can He Do That?" podcast, races across the country will have implications for the future of our electoral landscape and matter for the power of the next president. Reporter Dave Weigel on the 2020 races you should be watching.De către The Washington Post
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