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Racconteremo nel dettaglio alcuni dei crimini italiani più famosi e celebri la cui ricostruzione, anche a distanza di anni, non è ancora chiara. Cercheremo di fare chiarezza sulle ricostruzioni più agghiaccianti di omicidi che hanno sconvolto l'opinione pubblica italiana. In tutti questi crimini il colpevole non ha confessato e non esiste la certezza assoluta della colpevolezza degli indagati. Dpen Crimini vuole indagare le profondità più oscure dell'animo umano.
Ti è mai capitato di fare un salto prima di dormire? perché viene la pelle d'oca? Come si sviluppano le resistenze ai farmaci? cos'è la Celiachia? In questo podcast si parlerà di Medicina e cercheremo le risposte ai suoi grandi perché. Le domande degli ascoltatori saranno indispensabili allo sviluppo del palinsesto, quindi non esitare a commentare gli episodi. Ogni martedì su Dpen.
"Leben heißt Veränderung" ist der Podcast der Deutschen PsychotherapeutenVereinigung. Er wendet sich an approbierte Psychotherapeut*innen und solche die es werden wollen. In den einzelnen Folgen erzählen Kolleginnen und Kollegen, welche Antworten sie auf aktuelle Fragen gefunden haben und sie teilen ihre Erfahrungen. Es geht um den Berufseinstieg, die vielfältigen Arbeitsfelder und die Veränderungen durch die Digitalisierung. Wir von der DPtV wollen mit diesem Podcast den Erfahrungsaustausch ...
My DPC Story

My DPC Story

Maryal Concepcion, MD

As the Direct Primary Care and Direct Care models grow, many physicians are providing care to patients in different ways. This podcast is to introduce you to some of those folks and to hear their stories. Go ahead, get a little inspired. Heck, jump in and join the movement! Visit us online at mydpcstory.com
To our fellow sweethearts, this is DP24 Radio 1, your safe place for focus, inspiration, love, and motivation online in this new normal, better normal from Dasmariñas City, Home of the #ParuParoFestival, in time of recovery and reintegration. Life and inspiring stories, religious/spirituality blocks, and news updates are aired here to regain confidence, faith, love, and hope. VOD is available here on Spotify, mostly simulcasted on DP24 General TV. Produced and edited by DP24 Media.
Palla e Zap. Aspirante professore e aspirante dottore. Stanchi dei podcast che parlano per ore del nulla. Dpen approfondisce temi di attualità, senza farvi perdere tempo e strappandovi un sorriso, sempre guardando al futuro.Ci conosciamo da una vita, ma non siamo d’accordo su nulla. Il bello è questo. 20 minuti, due volte a settimana, per ridere, pensare, riflettere e sentirsi meno soli. Gli ingredienti ci sono tutti, ora tocca a voi.
THIS IS FOR YOU, YOU ARE THE ONE...GOD IS RAISING WARRIORS, DREAMERS, VISIONARY. , KINGDOM INVESTORS LIKE YOU. In every situation OF LIFE, there is HOPE if you keep going be a fighter to Fulfill your Divine Assignment 🔥KEEP STANDING IN the GROUND OF FAITH AND FIRE OF GOD 🔥GOD IS RAISING YOU IN JESUS NAME. 18007579733 MIRACLE PRAYER LINE DIRECT 19258760293 CONFERENCE Line 16054754120 access code 5550222 / https://anchor.fm/tita6 / https://youtu.be/Ls1z307bTlM Please CLICK and DONATE WEBSITE: ...
We are Paul and Dan: The D and the P of the DPCast. We are here to double penetrate your ears with our strange sense of humour as we discuss an array of topics such as films, gaming and life in general. Download, listen, comment, rate and review, we want to hear from you! Follow us on Twitter @DPCastPodcast Find Paul @Paul_DPCast and Dan @DanDPCast You can also subscribe to the DPCast Podcast YouTube page by following our links below.
Giving valuable life lessons based on my experiences with life! Spreading positivity! What you believe is what you become!!! ❤️ the process of achieving it! Mentally 💪 ➡ ✌️ & happiness!!! Grateful for living a human life who's odds of occuring are 400 trillion : 1
The DP and ME podcast is an eccentric little show starring Downphoenix as well as regularly rotating special guest, where we take a deep but lighthearted look at the world of video games. This show is for the old schoolers.
Talks With DP

Talks With DP

Talks With DP

Welcome to the channel of real world talk and growth amongst each other, also Talks With DP will be the biggest and greatest podcast ever. Thanks For Listening and Stay Tuned For More. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deandre4/support
An album-by-album rewatch of Sting's career with The Police and beyond. We mostly make fun of people and laugh at our own dumb jokes, but sometimes we say smart stuff. New episodes every Monday morning until we get through all of his albums (god help us with the more recent stuff). Talk to us about Sting on the internet with #JazzDadsShips. Also, check out our dumb show about Billy Joel, "We Didn't Start the Podcast."
SM DPR (Slammin’ Music Done Precisely Right!) Productions is a remixing team from New York City comprised of Steven McCants and Donald P. Rhodie remixing tracks since 2005. SM DPR Productions originally was an Audio/ Visual team remixing Audio/ Visual Effects in the Greater New York Area. With influences such as Victor Calderone, Hex Hector, David DePino, Larry Lavan, Frankie Knuckles, Maurice Joshua, Freemasons, Thunderpuss, DJ Relentless and countless others we (SM DPR Productions) heard o ...
Solo flying interview style episodes for physical therapy students at any level of professional/ post-professional training to listen and engage with hot topics you wish you had learned in academia. Weekly episodes include practical information on topics concerning professional issues, psycho-social aspects and challenges of physical therapy practice and shallow to deep dives on healthcare management and leadership. All delivered with comedic relief and story telling to remind you we are all ...
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Watch and listen . Powerful 🔥🔥. Please Subscribe 🔥. 18007579733. https://www.titamaya.com. Mail To. TMI Minitstries. 25903 South Lakefair Drive Richmond Texas 77406--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tita6/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tita6/support
Mandy Walker ASC is back on the show this week to take us through her phenomenal work on the film Elvis for Baz Luhrmann. Mandy did a fantastic job bringing the visuals together on the picture and she describes her approach, some of the tips and tools she used, and much more in this episode. Enjoy! A Cinematography System: The Playbook Approach In …
Kenny Wilhite in-studio, Using a Football System without Forcing It - February 2nd, 4pm Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands Privacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacyDe către Old School w/ DP and Jay – 93.7 The Ticket KNTK
The North Carolina Center for Missing Persons was created in 1985. Since then, the center has worked with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to locate missing individuals and reunite them with their loved ones. In this episode we sit down with the Center's director, Nona Everett, to discuss her decades long career in this role. Nona …
Shoutouts for National Girls and Women in Sports Day and Black History Month - February 1st, 4pm Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands Privacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacyDe către Old School w/ DP and Jay – 93.7 The Ticket KNTK
This week Master Zi and Vindesh talk about the myths of the sustainability movement. Electric cars, green packaging, and ditching natural gas are not the end all be all towards saving the planet. In fact, the hunt for the minerals and elements to make these "green" versions are just as disruptive. This narrative has moved into our every day lives a…
Bentornati in una nuova puntata di Dpen Scienza. Oggi parliamo di una incredibile tecnologia che rivoluzionerà il mondo delle scoperte mediche, della ricerca ma anche delle terapie. Si tratta degli OOC (Organ On Chip). Scopriamo insieme cosa sono e soprattutto quali sono i vantaggi che portano! Ci potete ascoltare su: Nostro Sito: https://dpenpodca…
Kriege, Konflikte und Katastrophen als Themen der Psychotherapie Wenn Ihnen "Leben heißt Veränderung" gefällt, empfehlen Sie den Podcast gerne weiter. Wir freuen uns auch über Rückmeldungen und Anregungen. Sagen Sie uns, welches Thema Sie interessiert. Die Mailadresse lautet: podcast@dptv.de Der Podcast der Deutschen PsychotherapeutenVereinigung wi…
Multi-sport Athletes, Best Basketball Players in Jay and Kenny's Day? - January 26th, 5pm Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands Privacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacyDe către Old School w/ DP and Jay – 93.7 The Ticket KNTK
Is it Easier for Offensive or Defensive Players to Make an Impact after a Transfer? - January 25th, 4:25pm Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands Privacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacyDe către Old School w/ DP and Jay – 93.7 The Ticket KNTK
This week Master Zi and Vindesh have a conversation about mourning and moving forward after a period of grief. Grief plays a big role in our lives and we do it whenever we've lost something we've really cared about or loved. In the west, we're given a few days to take the time and bury our dead, but then are expected to get back to work and life li…
DPP Editorial Director, Edward Qualtrough, is joined by DPP CEO Mark Harrison to learn about why the Consumer Electronics Show is now a business tech event, with industry driving the major disruptions and innovations. And at the DPP's CES Breakfast Briefing to discuss the big trends we hear from: Peter Elvidge, Director, Media & Entertainment | Cog…
Nuovo caso per Dpen Crimini! Palla ci porta dentro la storia di un grande campione, Marco Pantani. Uno degli sportivi italiani più importanti, conosciuti ed iconici. Ha segnato una generazione sulle montagna più famose del ciclismo. Ma la sua storia, tragica e bellissima, è costellata da doping, processi, camorra, spacciatori, suicidio e omicidio. …
In today's BONUS EPISODE, Dr. Deanna Barry of Barry Pediatrics shares about the upcoming Pediatric DPC Mastermind! Take a listen to the details about the Mastermind happening next month and Register today! Pediatric DPC Mastermind Feb 24-26th Gaylord Palms in Orlando, FL Registration: pediatricdpcmastermind.com Sponsorship Opportunities: email drde…
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