Why Some Guitars are Outrageously Expensive ★ Acoustic Tuesday 273


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Do you ever dream of having a guitar only to realize it's five—maybe 10!—times outside your budget? It's probably because of one of these seven factors that determine a guitar's price.

In this episode, we'll explore why some guitars are more expensive than others. After decades of experience playing, buying, and selling, I've picked up on seven main factors that determine price.

Some of the factors are fairly fixed. Some of them are tied to market conditions. But all of them come together to determine the price of a guitar. I'm not saying this is a definitive list. Instead, it's a great starting place for anyone who is wondering why a guitar is as expensive or cheap as it is.

I see so many guitarists dismiss a guitar based on its price. Instead of balking at a number or judging it on its value, ask yourself why. Why does it cost that much? Is it because of branding? Materials? Endorsements? Manufactured scarcity? The list goes on.

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