5 Essential Guitar Skills to Learn Any Song ★ Acoustic Tuesday 274


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How do you learn a new song? Where do you begin and how do you set yourself up for success? On this episode, I'll show you how to break any song down into five essential guitar skills.

Learning a new song is a daunting process. There are so many elements of a song to consider. From determining the style you need to play to the technical aspects of soloing and improvising.

By using this simple framework, you can establish a starting point for learning a song. Rather than focusing on a song note for note, this step-by-step guide gives you a plan. When you focus on these specific categories, the easier learning songs becomes.

Instead of being caught of guard by a tricky technique or feeling overwhelmed by the shear amount of music you have to learn and memorize, breaking a song into manageable categories is an easy way to learn it. So what are you waiting for?

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Featured in this episode...
- Rob Ickes and Rrey Hensley
- Jeffrey Foucault
- Tony Rice
- Adrian Bellue
- Sam Bush

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