AirPlay 2020 .. Grim Reaper by Dean Bevan


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An elderly and hard-of-hearing couple is visited by the Grim Reaper, complete with the usual accouterments of hood, scythe, and imminent death.They mistake him for (variously) a magazine salesman, a Jehovah’s
Witness, a Weight Watchers associate, a shepherd (due to the “shepherd’s thingy” he carries), an escort service representative, a car salesman, and a gangster hit man, but offer him oatmeal cookies and tea as they continue to misunderstand everything he says. In total frustration, the Grim Reaper gives up, wishes them a long life, and departs.
Bios –
Claude Isbell
Claude started out as a child actor, doing both TV commercials and theater from the age of 4. He and his sister did model work as well al over NYC. Appearing in the New York Times magazine and many others. He was a musician and songwriter in NYC, before going into business. After studying acting with teachers such as Austin Pendleton he has recently gotten the Theater and Film bug back, and is making a Web Series called CYRUS that is in pre-production. During the Strawberry One-Act Festival his “Making-Of” film garnered him a “Best Director” nomination.
Brandy Chapman
Brandy is from Kentucky and currently producing in Florida as an actor. Recent credits include South Pacific, and Harvey during the 90th season at Francis Wilson Playhouse.
Christy Donahue
Christy’s acting credits span traditional theater, interactive dinner theater, commercial and film work, and staged readings - in person, online, and via livestream.
Timothy Regan
Tim is a graduate of Kean University, has done several Airplay readings and is always excited to return. You may have heard him most recently on Judging Quilts. Other Airplay appearances include Unspoken Acts, Down with the Kindle, and Bad House. Hope you enjoy tonight's reading of In The Garden.

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