389xt AITA for being a virgin, diabetic, ex-cult member, and TikTok genius? (ft. Lindsay Lucido)


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I'm joined by the wonderful Lindsay Lucido who I managed to earn 3 ITAs from before we even started recording. She is a diabetic, virgin, and has OCD, or as she quipped, "a triple threat." She's also a great hang and very funny comedian. And she did, in fact, try to buy me coffee.
Watch her 1-million liker TikTok (one of the CLASSIC Toks): https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRaTE6QM/
Follow her on insta:
(17:12) AITA for not sharing my dinner with my diabetic roommate and causing him to have a hypoglycemic episode?
(26:16) AITA for getting offended at how a guy rejected me?
(36:05) AITA for telling my OCD friend to “get over it” ?
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