408xt: AITA telling my bro his toxic ex was trying to get in touch at his wedding? (ft. Jake Davis)


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Happy Mon mon loves. Jake and I recorded this before adding Shannon to the trio. There will be an ep with all three of us, coming out Wednesday which is the actual MAIN this week. Much love and have a wonderful wintry week. Seasons greetings. Feliz navidad. I want to wish you a merry christmas from the bottom of my heart. By the way, Xmas always kinda bothered me. I tried to catch on CMAS in junior high but it never caught. Merry Cmas. Now of course this was ruined by the country music awards but i had a vision.
(13:48) - AITA for changing my mind about splitting the cost of our group’s vacation evenly?
(26:05) - AITA for refusing to change my seat for a separated father and son but also complaining about having to sit next to said son? (Redux)
(50:20) AITA for telling my brother (I was his best man) that his toxic ex (but love of his life) was trying to get in touch with him the night before his wedding?
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