How to Start Your Non-Medical Home Care Agency and make 6 figures with Sue Dennis, RN, MSN


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How to Start Your Non-Medical Home Care Agency and make 6 figures with Sue Dennis, RN, MSN

For today’s episode, Dr. Mike is with Sue Dennis. She is a registered nurse and eventually got her master’s degree in nursing. Sue shares her story and the reasons why she shifted careers. They also discuss how to start your own non-medical home care agency and answers some questions.

In this episode:
05:40 – Who is Sue and what does she do?
07:30 – Sue shares her reasons for starting a home care agency and how she achieved her goal.
12:15 – Sue talks about the step-by-step guide of opening your own home care agency.
12:20 – Change your mindset.
13:40 – Know the rules and regulations in your specific state.
14:50 – Name and register your business.
16:15 – How long does licensing take?
19:40 – Sue discusses all about the process and policies you need to know.
22:50 – Sue talks about the services that they offer.
31:30 – Sue shares her experience during the pandemic and how her business grew.
33:10 – What are the different ways to market your agency?
36:20 – Sue discuss the different payment methods and why she uses private pay.
40:55 – Sue talks about how to be a non-medical home care owner and that they should have great matchmaking skills.|
46:00 – Sue shares the story of when she started her business and why targeting your clients is important.
50:50 – Dr. Mike mentioned the book Permission to prosper by Ray Edwards.

Here’s the link:

53:10 – What is the cost of Sue’s service?
54:10 – Do you need a nursing staff?
56:15 – Sue shares her parting wisdom to the audience. Prove that you are serious and look at the bigger picture.

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