Interview with Dr. Rod Rodriguez, PT, DPT on How to Start Your CEU classes


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Interview with Dr. Rod Rodriguez, PT, DPT on How to Start Your CEU classes

Are you tired of just taking CEU classes? Or, are you interested in teaching your own? You better tune in because for this episode, Dr. Mike Chua is with Dr. Rod Rodriguez. He is a DPT, certified wound specialist and the CEO of Denver Physical Therapy at Home. Together, they discuss how to be a teacher and a businessman. Dr. Rod shares his journey from being an ordinary worker to being a business owner in abroad. How acting and not just waiting for things to happen got him where he is today.

In this episode:
02:45 – Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.
04:45 – Dr. Mike shares the story of how he started to teach CEU classes.
05:55 – Who is Dr. Rod Rodriguez and what is his journey?
11:05 – Dr. Rod discusses his company and the programs that they offer.
13:00 – Dr. Rod advises the audience to make decisions and not just wait for things to happen.
15:45 – How do you start teaching?
21:50 – What prompted Dr. Rod’s transition?
26:20 – Dr. Rod shares his story and that it’s important to just do it.
28:35 – Dr. Rod’s parting wisdom to the audience.


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