Interview with HÉLÈNE THÉRIAULT, BScOT (reg.), MAdEd, PCC


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Interview with HÉLÈNE THÉRIAULT, BScOT (reg.), MAdEd, PCC

For today’s episode, Dr. Mike Chua is with HÉLÈNE THÉRIAULT. She is a world-renowned coach, BScOT (reg.), MAdEd, PCC. They discuss HÉLÈNE’s journey in changing the face of healthcare with coaching and the steps to achieve that goal. They also talk about the importance of coaching and how it can apply to a variety of fields.

In this episode:
04:10 – Who is HÉLÈNE THÉRIAULT and what does she do?
06:10 – The Transformational Learning Theory.
14:05 – How does HÉLÈNE connect with the business owners she coaches?
20:05 – What are the next steps in HÉLÈNE’s program?
27:00 – HÉLÈNE discuss the importance of having a coach.


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