It was anything but a Sasquatch - Bigfoot Eyewitness Episode 346


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Tonight’s guest, Scott was born in Indiana and lived there for the 1st several years of his life. When he entered the 1st grade, though, his family moved to Michigan. Scott and his family only lived in Michigan for 8 years, but he has a lot of good memories from living there, as a kid. 1 of the most unforgettable memories he has is of the time when he saw a Sasquatch there. You see, Scott’s family lived in Michigan for 2 years before moving out, into the country, in Benzie County. The road they lived on wasn’t paved and there hills, fields, and a lot of woods in the area. On a nice summer day, while he was living there, he was playing in the woods, behind a neighbor’s house, with a handful of other kids and his huge dog, Clifford. Always on the lookout for fun things to do, Scott and his friends decided that they were going to race to the top of a hill they saw, in the woods.After he had made it to the top of the hill, Scott started looking around for Clifford, because he had lost track of where he was. When he was looking around for him, he saw what looked to him like something that had reddish brown fur. That was the color Clifford was, so he thought it was him. Moments later, though, he realized that it wasn’t him. Even though Clifford was a huge dog, he wasn’t 8 to 10-feet-tall and he didn’t walk upright, on 2 legs.
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