Sasquatch like apples too! - Bigfoot Eyewitness Episode 345


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Tonight’s guest, William Harris, is from Springcreek, North Carolina, which is in the mountains, right on the Tennessee border. It was a very remote area, when he was growing up, as it had only been cut out of the wilderness for 50 to 70 years when his family moved there. As a kid, William explored almost every are of the mountains around his home. He says that, as a kid, the mountains were his television. Spending as much time exploring them as he did, he thought he’d seen everything that called those mountains home. Well, that all changed 1 Saturday, when he was 16, when he went deer hunting, with his cousin. The 2 of them planned to spend the whole weekend camping and hunting, if that was how long it took each of them to bag a deer. So, they headed out that Friday night and found a good place to set up their camp. Nothing eventful happened that night. The next morning, they decided to head to a hollow that was close to their camp and hunt there. William knew that the hollow had a lot of apple trees in it that would be dropping apples left and right, that time of year. All of the apples on the ground would be a good lure for deer, so he thought that would make the hollow a great place to find a deer. The only problem with his line of thinking was, Sasquatch like apples too!
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