No More Fu*#s to Give: The Midilife Woman's Anthem (with Dr. Sarah Baillie)


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Inspired by a song called “I’ve Got No More Fuc#$ to Give” that Wendy stumbled across on YouTube, Wendy and Sarah share how their feeling of having “no more fuc#$ to give” has shown up in their personal and work lives, and how common a headspace this seems to be for all women in midlife.

They discuss why this is happening, from a social, emotional, and hormonal perspective, and what to do about it if you’re feeling guilty about caring less. They also consider whether this midlife phenomenon isn’t really more a “shifting of fuc#$” as opposed to “having less fuc#$”, and how that shifting might benefit you as well as the other people in your life, including your children. Are you the adult you want your kids to become?

Join Wendy and Sarah for a spirited, fun conversation with an important undercurrent: it’s totally OK to start focussing on you again as you move into your midlife.

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