Bulimia Sucks! | Episode 116 | Setback and Successes | Jetty Nieuwenhuis


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Another warm, fireside chat between Kate and Jetty Nieuwenhuis and her journey to overcome bulimia and how she is now an inspirational speaker, model, and wellness advocate.
******** ANNOUNCEMENTS *********
Kate's new book has been released! It's on Amazon called:
“Anxiety Hacks”
Proven Techniques, Tools and Tips to Calmness

In the book, Kate teaches you the techniques, tools, and tips that she has taught to thousands of her anxiety clients with positive results. Taking you from being constantly riddled with explosive anxiety to immediately feeling as calm as possible.

You will learn:

· The one and only proven super successful “C.A.L.M. Your Alarm” acronym technique to instantly reduce your anxiety.

· How to improve your life and open the door to calmness while addressing all of your debilitating anxious thoughts and feelings.

· Use Kate’s 7 steps program that takes you from feeling completely overwhelmed by your anxiety to learning powerful techniques to calm yourself instantly.

Kate is also the author of Bulimia Sucks! It is an inspiring, practical book written to empower people to break through the barriers stopping them from taking that first step to freedom from bulimia. With astounding new approaches and techniques, to learn how to reprogram their mind to freedom.

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