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What do you expect someone else to get from just writing a story. What sort of help, insight, or tip do you expect them to gleam from you just putting facts on paper. If you truly want to give someone a real tip, you should do the work. Also, if you want someone to give you a tip, do the work. The Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast: Chris Baca and Jared Truby, two of the founders of Cat & Cloud coffee share their insights of leadership and owning a small business, through the lens of the specialty coffee industry. It's not just about what's in the cup, but the intention behind how it was put there. With new episodes weekly, listen in as there's always little nuggets of wisdom. Where to listen Apple Podcast: spotify: Watch here on youtube! If you want even more insights from Chris and Jared, consider becoming a member over on Patreon. each week get even more, as well as exclusive access to a like-minded community, with plenty of benefits to come. It's just the price of a latte a month, and we think there is a lot of value in that. So check it out. The usual suspects. Instagram: Cat & Cloud: Your hosts: Baca's Blog: Jared’s Website: Your editor: justphred We are Cat & Cloud Coffee. Started by three friends trying to pursue their passions, with Integrity and intentionally, and it’s our mission to inspire connection, by creating memorable experiences. We're a small independent business and this is our story. Enjoy!

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