John Belizaire, CEO of Soluna Computing | Monetizing Excess Renewable Energy with Flexible Computing Ep.103


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When a grid gets congested, the excess energy generated at renewable plants is wasted.

But what if there was something we could do to mitigate that curtailment and monetize our excess wind, solar or hydroelectric power?

John Belizaire is Founder and CEO at Soluna Computing, the leading developer of green data centers for batchable computing, powered by wasted renewable energy.

With 25 years of experience as an enterprise software entrepreneur, John is passionate about using flexible computing to unleash the potential of renewable energy.

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, John joins Tim to discuss the curtailment assessment Soluna uses to determine how much power is wasted at a plant and simulate the revenue recovery potential of building an on-site data center.

John walks us through examples of batchable computing applications that Soluna can run through its facilities and describes how crypto adoption is likely to increase our need for computing power.

Listen in for John's insight on viewing data centers as a service to the grid and learn how Soluna can help you sell every megawatt of renewable energy your power plant generates.

Key Takeaways

John's 25 years of experience as an enterprise software entrepreneur

How helping a stranded power plant in Morocco monetize power until the grid arrived led to the creation of Soluna Computing

Soluna's work with wind, solar and hydroelectric power plants

How Soluna's flexible computing facilities monetize excess power generated at renewable power plants

How Soluna's curtailment assessment determines how much power is wasted and simulates the revenue recovery associated with building an on-site data center

Soluna's presence in Texas, the Midwest and Northeast US as well as Canada and Europe

Examples of batchable computing applications that Soluna can run through its facilities (e.g.: the Netflix recommendation engine)

What differentiates batchable from real-time computing processes

How Soluna's data centers might accelerate renewable energy development

Why the promise of crypto adoption increases our need for computing power

John's aim to educate the energy industry around data centers as a service to the grid (not a load)

John's concerns around driving mass adoption of the Soluna solution

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