Mastermind Roundtable with Cliff Ravenscraft & Deacon Bradley Ep.82


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To speed the clean energy transition, we need innovative businesses in the renewable energy space to scale quickly.

And perhaps the best way for entrepreneurs and executives in clean tech to accelerate their growth is to join a mastermind, leveraging the knowledge, experience and network of the group to go further faster.

Cliff Ravenscraft is the business mentor behind the Mindset Answer Man and the facilitator of the Next Level Mastermind Group. Deacon Bradley is the business growth consultant and mastermind facilitator at Sharp Business Growth.

On this episode of Clean Power Hour, Cliff and Deacon join Tim to share their definition of a mastermind, describing how members come together around a shared goal and learn from one another.

Cliff and Deacon explain how masterminds work, discussing the hot seat model they use in their groups to help members accelerate their results.

Listen in for success stories from the entrepreneurs and executives in Cliff and Deacon’s programs and find out how you might benefit from the support of a mastermind group.

Key Takeaways

How Deacon defines a mastermind as a group of people who come together around a shared goal

What inspired Deacon's transition from 1:1 coaching to facilitating a mastermind

How Deacon and Cliff were introduced to the mastermind community

Cliff's take on masterminds as a small group in which every member is committed to the success of every other member

How Cliff and Deacon's mastermind groups work

The hot seat model both Cliff and Deacon use in their mastermind groups

Other structures you might see in a mastermind group, i.e.: resource round-robin, book club or ask me anything

What outcomes entrepreneurs and executives can expect from participating in a mastermind

How CEOs and execs in Deacon's mastermind benefit from participating in the group

Cliff's insight on how participating in a mastermind accelerates your results

The common question Deacon gets from prospective mastermind members around confidentiality

How Cliff thinks about building a level of trust among members of his mastermind groups

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