Coral Reefs and the Power of Adaptation to Climate Change


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Scripps Institution of Oceanography marine biologist Stuart Sandin illuminates his work leading the 100 Island Challenge, a project that uses high tech ecological surveys to capture snapshots of coral reef ecosystems found in the tropical waters of the Pacific, Caribbean, and Indian oceans. His team uses large-area imaging and 3-D visualizations to make unprecedented detailed observations of how coral reefs are faring. While some reefs are struggling, others have been able to adapt in response to changing climate and other human impacts. By combining ocean observation with modern techniques like genetic sequencing and data analysis, Stuart and his team aim to elucidate which corals are surviving and how. By decoding nature’s incredible capacity for adaptation, these scientists are paving the way for using this new knowledge to aid coral reef recovery. Series: "Jeffrey B. Graham Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture Series" [Science] [Show ID: 38458]

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