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Trevor Best, co-founder and CEO of Syzygy:

“Not only eliminating emissions but making energy low-cost is very important. So, the fact that we can use low-cost, renewable electricity, the fact that we can build our reactor out of aluminum, the fact that the hyper efficient lights result in a hyper-efficient reactor - all those are important factors so that we can make products at price parity with what’s out there today without producing emissions. And ultimately that’s the goal of the company.”

- Trevor Best explaining why Syzygy Plasmonics works.

Trevor was born and raised in Midland, Texas and attended Texas Tech, where he and his cofounder, Suman Khatiwada, would meet with professors after hours about photocatalysts and reactors. He then traveled to China to teach English, and headed back to work for Baker Hughes in Oklahoma.

Trevor landed back in Midland (where oil was discovered in 1923) and got to work on a chemical reactor that uses a photocatalyst built using nanotechnology that was invented at Rice University.

His startup is lowering cost and carbon emissions simultaneously, which puts him on the forefront of solving a major part of the energy crisis.

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