Ep# 100: Yawning Less Gets You More Sleep


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In this lesson, Dr. Kashe talks about training symptoms that help you address the cause of a problem, and concerning this, he talks about a coach who complains that one of the clients in the gym keeps on yawning during exercise. Dr. Kashey also presumes that the cause of this trait maybe be attributed to the person's hectic work schedule. He argues that if it is the issue of crazy work schedules, it is easy for her to fix that, and yawning during training fixes itself. Dr.Kashey, in this lesson, explains that getting to the root of a problem is sometimes important, but it is often overrated, and with a tiny bit of critical thinking, thinking critically can be a solution to an underlying problem and how TKN's SRO model solves this. Listen to discover how such problems can be resolved!

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