074 - Why an Apple a Day Doesn’t Keep the Doctor Away with Dr. Fayez Ajib


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Episode Summary

Welcome to The Dr. Brian’s Health Show, a weekly podcast where Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler uses his decades of experience in medicine and ability as an expert researcher to provide a light-hearted approach and share health trends popular on TikTok. In this episode, Dr. Brian welcomes Dr. Fayez Ajib back to the show to continue sharing fascinating stories from his time in emergency medicine.

What happens when foreign objects get lodged in the rectum? What’s the craziest story Dr. Fayez has about foreign objects from his days in the ER? Find out in today’s episode!

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Key Takeaways

01:10 – Dr. Brian introduces today’s topic with Dr. Fayez: Why an Apple a Day Doesn’t Keep the Doctor Away

01:38 – Dr. Brian makes an exciting announcement about his upcoming book at https://www.influencedsocialmedia.com

02:13 – Dr. Brian shares a story from his days working in the Emergency Room (ER)

05:20 – Foreign objects in the rectum

14:28 – Dr. Brian thanks Dr. Fayez for joining the show, teases next week’s episode and reminds listeners about his upcoming book and encourages them to Subscribe, Rate and Review this podcast on RateThisPodcast.com

Tweetable Quotes

“I’m off to the side and I take the blade and I make the skin incision. And I go a little deeper and deeper and then suddenly it’s like a volcano erupting of puss. It literally shoots across the room and hits the door with such fierce intensity because that abscess was under so much pressure that when it was relieved it was like being in Yellowstone Park.”(04:03) (Dr. Brian)

“Our generation, after the whole Tide pods thing happened, I feel like we do have to label everything. But, you know, I never saw any Tide pod challenge victims come to the ER. So I guess maybe it wasn’t that popular, which is a good thing.”(08:09) (Dr. Fayez)

“For those listening, if you have any stomach surgeries, it causes adhesions which increases your suspicion for a small bowel obstruction where constipation, vomiting, abdominal pain, as Brian said, typically would be the presenting symptoms.”(10:05) (Dr. Fayez)

“So we get the CAT Scan, and we see this large circular object literally sitting at the rectum. So, my attending comes in and before we go into the room he’s giving me a prep. He says, ‘Let me ask all the questions.’ So, he walks in and he’s asking the patient questions and it finally comes out that he put an apple up his butt. So, my attending looks at me and gives me this smirk and he turns back to the patient and asks, ‘Was it a green apple or a red apple?’”(10:32) (Dr.Fayez)

“Because it was so large, we decided we’re not even gonna mess with it. There are ways that you could actually remove foreign objects. But the issue with removing these foreign objects is you don’t want to perforate anything because then it becomes a big issue.”(13:11) (Dr. Fayez)

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