Phoebe: Supporting Mothers From Conception to Work-Life Balance


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The last 2 years shed light on how lack of childcare acutely hurt working mothers. It showed there is no gender equality. It showed that 2 million women left the workforce. But none of this is new.

The US has policies that do not support working mothers. We have no universal childcare, and women still do most of the physical and mental work of parenting. Half of the gender pay gap is due to motherhood. Fathers still get a pay bonus while 1/3 of US births result in trauma and 1/4 of women experience postpartum depression.

Today I had the privilege of sitting down with one of the founders and the CEO of Phoebe, a place that helps working mothers transition to support their mental and physical health along with their professional development. Phoebe was founded by women who forged successful careers in law, banking, and more and they understand the intensities of high achieving careers and how to make that viable as working mothers in this country.

Emily is a Harvard MBA and an entrepreneur on a mission to close the wage gap and accelerate working mothers all the way to the boardroom. She is the founder of Phoebe, a tech company that radically shifts the paradigm of how women are supported through life’s greatest transitions. Prior to founding Phoebe she had a 13-year career in global finance. As an Investment Banker, she co-lead large cross-border deals, as Manager of Investor Relations for a multinational beverage company, she held meetings with thousands of investors across the globe.

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