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TIME STAMPS 0:00 Intro music 0:18 Intro 1:33 Is it 50 years playing PlayStation now? 2:35 Max Cooper: Podcast Fiend 3:50 The future of For The Players? 10:05 What have we been up to? 15:31 What have we been playing? 15:39 Stray impressions 19:10 Ryan wants to spend money on the Winter Sale 21:10 Max's has been playing… 24:03 Ryan goes hands on with a Backbone One 28:53 Inform The Players (This week in PlayStation news) 29:05 Non Fun-gable Tokens - Sony wants to know if you would purchase NFTs 34:50 PS Plus Essential games are live 35:16 PlayStation Fears Microsoft & Call of Duty Exclusivity 46:25 The Crystal Hammer - PlayStation Podcast gets DMCA claim from Square Enix over leaked Tomb Raider Script 52:31 FIGHT FOREVER - More information around AEW's video game 57:03 Keigh3 Continues - Gamescom Opening Night Live locked in 1:00:06 Going Super Massive - Until Dawn & The Quarry dev wants to release multiple games per year 1:05:59 QUICK BITS - $45 on an Overwatch 2 skin?, COD Warzone plagiarism, Amazon UK may have Hogwarts Legacy release date, Tencent poised to be largest share holder for Ubisoft, and Beyond Good and Evil 2 gets new lead writer 1:09:21 Upcoming Playstation releases 1:11:05 Thank you for watching 1:12:00 Outro 1:12:56 Outro music

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With over 40 years combined PlayStation gaming and over 5 years in games coverage, Ryan and Max felt that they would be perfect to throw their hats in the ring and join the greater PlayStation discussion. This weekly show will allow us to discuss the ins and outs of Sony’s hardware, software, and relationships.

Many thanks to PlayStation Australia, POEM Group, and the many other publishers and PR teams for their continued support of For The Players: The PopCulturists' PlayStation Podcast. Their support of the show allow us to get hands on with games, early access, event invites, and many things we require to make this the show that it is.

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