Benjie Gillam on PostGraphile, The GraphQL Foundation, Independence From Facebook, Supporting Open Source, and beyond.


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Hear Benjie Gillam's perspective on:

  • The many different models for open source
  • Dropping out of computer science classes
  • What the early GraphQL community was like
  • The Momentum of GraphQL
  • The independence from Meta
  • The GraphQL Foundation
  • The GraphQL Working Group
  • The upcoming PostGraphile release
  • Open source sponsoring
  • The widespread benefits of supporting open source work
  • Why he almost became a math professor
  • and much more…

Benjie Gillam is a community-funded open source developer and maintainer of PostGraphile from the UK. He's also a GraphQL Technical Steering Committee member, and a GraphQL trainer and consultant. Tune in to learn about his perspective on all things PostGraphile, GraphQL, working on open source, and the GraphQL Foundation.

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