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Welcome to part 3 of "Carnifex Week" on the Heavy Metal History Podcast. As most of the listeners may know, I spent 5 years touring with Carnifex during their career and now in 2019 the band is about to release their 7th studio album "World War X"

I wanted to be able to capture as much of the information from as many perspectives of the band members about how this album was recorded, so over the course of this week you will hear from multiple members of their direct input of how the record was made.

In this episode I welcomed back vocalist of Carnifex, Scott Lewis about his role in the writing and recording process of the new album. We discussed how he recorded his vocals over time at a studio closer to him. His writing process for the lyrics this time around and how the album has an under current of a more positive and optimistic theme to the the complete desolate and brutal nature of how the album sounds. Scott also goes more in depth about bringing on Alissa for their guest spot in “No Light Shall Save Us” as well as how Angel Vivaldi got involved in the midst of recording while at Jason Suecof’s.

"World War X" comes out on Nuclear Blast on August 2nd.

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