#112 Ryan Morgan & Jesse Zaraska (Misery Signals)


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Welcome to this weeks episode of Heavy Metal History, indeed, it is a very special episode for me personally and I hope my listeners also enjoy this episode. My guests were Ryan Morgan and Jesse Zaraska, Guitarist and Vocalist of Melodic Hardcore band Misery Signals. Ryan and Jesse were grateful enough to give me some of their time to discuss the 15 year anniversary of one of the most prolific albums to be released in the genre, their album “Of Malice and the Magnum Heart”. Ryan and Jesse take me through the early days of the band, a history which most people familiar with Misery Signals already know, but for the sake of the podcast and the history I was after, it seemed apt to start there and work our way into the writing and recording of the record. Jesse talks about “The Year Summer Ended in June” and the story behind that song, which, again, most fans of the band are familiar with. We discuss how the band wrote closely together for this record and how the writing process was relatively quick and very inspired. They also talk to me about recording with Devin Townsend and how it was a dream of Jesse’s to work with “Hevy Devy” most of his life up to that point. WE touch on the Malice X tour that coincided with the albums 10 year anniversary along with Mathew Mixon’s excellent Documentary about the album and the band called “ Yesterday was Everything” All that and some ever so slight hints about new material thats been in the works for the band.

Watch the Documentary “Yesterday was Everything” HERE

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