I Would Do Things Different


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There is an old saying that “love is blind”. But it shouldn’t be. When it comes to love, it should be viewed under a microscope. A false belief system from my childhood told me that no man would ever want me and caused me to marry the first guy that looked at me twice for fear that there wouldn’t be another. The abuse started on day 2 of the honeymoon when he threatened me with divorce--no argument, nothing--he just did it to be mean. That was one of many mean nights. But the old scripts playing in my head kept me trapped in that abuse for 25 years. Eventually the high price of leaving became less expensive than the price of staying and I’ve been free now for over a decade. But had it not been for my faith in God, I wouldn't have made it. Join me as I take you on a journey from unhealthy relationships into freedom, help you discover options, and share principles, strategies and wisdom to turn every setback into a comeback.

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