#382 - Into the Nexus: “The Cavalier Coach” w/ CavalierGuest


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CavalierGuest, OXG Esports and community coach, returns to the show! In his last appearance, Hogger was fresh in the Nexus and we sped ahead talking strategy for the recently released Hero. In this episode, Kyle goes a little deeper about what it means to be a top coach for Heroes of the Storm through Cav’s own experience with gaming: World of Warcraft raiding, HGC history, roster building, people management and high level play. CCL is on everyone's mind as the tournament heads towards the round of 4, and CavalierGuest gives us a rundown of Oxygen Esports journey through the CCL season 2. Then we get into some nitty-gritty strategy for the folks at home, incorporating weird drafts like solo assassin, double support and double soakers into your own drafts. Enjoy!

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