89 Khaled Elsebai: How to Thrive in an Oversaturated Podcasting Market


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The podcast industry is booming and there are signs that is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Although is pretty new and still not a lot of people even know what a podcast is, it actually starts to become an oversaturated market where, in order to flow above the rest, you have to focus on finding your niche, creating quality content for your listeners, promoting your episodes, and showing up consistently to your audience.

In today’s episode, I’m going down the podcasting rabbit hole with Khaled, and we’re discussing why audio has become such a huge medium, how we can tell great stories that keep our audience coming back to every episode, and what it means to create a show that lasts for years.

Meet Khaled:

Khaled Elsebai is the Director of Podcasts at Gallery Media Group – a company that is building brands that matter. He is a skilled media professional with over two decades of experience in creating and conceptualizing content and he has a proven track record of launching new programs and directing talent in engaging with the audience and generating brand loyalty.

He has produced an impressive number of podcasts, among which The CMO Podcast, Mom Brain, and The GaryVee Audio Experience – just to name a few. His shows are not in the Apple Top 10 Charts, but as it turns out, you don’t have to be there to be successful or profitable – stick around to find why.

If you’re a podcaster trying to grow your audience or a soon-to-be one and you’re still not sure what podcasts entail, then this episode is a MUST for you because Khaled is sharing how he manages to find the right listeners that will stick through thick and thin with the shows that he produces.

I was curious to know:

  • What do you do as a director of podcasts? (01:42)
  • Do you think the podcasting problems around measurement, discoverability, and monetization, will be solved in the near future? (11:21)
  • Is podcasting the new blogging? (15:29)
  • What do you think about celebrities coming into the podcasting space? Is it good for the industry or it can do some damage? (21:17)
  • What are your favorite podcasts that you worked on so far? (25:00)
  • If you would reach out to anyone on this planet and do one interview with that person, who would you choose and what would you ask them? (29:20)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The recipe for producing podcasts that help create awareness and loyalty from the listeners. (05:39)
  • The characteristics of quality content. (06:26)
  • The importance of setting a cadency to your episode and sticking to it. (08:59)
  • How to promote your podcast episodes. (09:57)
  • The things you should do to thrive in an oversaturated podcasting market. (17:30)
  • The types of podcast that are best suited for companies that want to promote their brand. (19:10)

Connect with Khaled:

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