LS. 003 — Understanding the Iran Protests /w an Iranian Comrade [EN]


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In today’s episode we talk with an Iranian dissident comrade about the political context that created the conditions for the waves of protests sweeping Iran in recent years. We start the discussion with a historical overview of the events that transformed Iran into a ‘militarized theocracy’ after the Revolution of 1979, and what the main (state and non-state) actors are. Then we turn to the present moment. The current wave of protests was prompted by the murder of a young Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, by the “morality police”, for not wearing a hijab. Our guest explains what the so-called morality police is in Iran, and what the legal context is surrounding the imposition of wearing the hijab. The topics that we touch upon include the internet connectivity restrictions during the protests and the effects of internationally imposed sanctions. We end with a reflection on why things cannot go back to the way they were before the current wave of protests. ===== Report: How is Hijab in Tehran Today? (Link to Ensaf News article on Lenesx website) Iranian Anarchists on Protests in Response to Police Murder of Mahsa Amini Revolt in Iran: The Feminist Resurrection and the Beginning of the End for the Regime BBC: Huge rally in Berlin in support Attack in Shiraz Art by Pedram Taghavi ig: pedram.tghv Music Anonymous, به نام دختران سرزمین آفتاب (In the Name of The Daughters of The Land of The Sun)

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