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Brace yourself for 7 Scary Stories!

-IN THE DARK – His electricity is out. When the lightning flashes, he sees a figure standing in his living room!

-DISTANT DRUMS – The sound of distant drums accompany a strange vapor looming in the air.

-DOPPELGANGER – Why is he being accused of doing things he knows he didn't do! The answer is shocking!

-BURNING HOUSE – A man risks his life to save people from a burning house. You won’t believe how the fire started!

-CRASH AT LOCH NESS – The recording from the flight recorder of an airplane that crashed in Loch Ness is terrifying!

-THE WOMAN ACROSS THE STREET – A man is shocked when he learns the truth about the beautiful woman across the street that he is obsessed with.

-IMAGINARY FRIEND – He calls his imaginary friend, “Mr. Dark” and insists that he is real!

All stories were written and narrated by Steve Hudgins

"Hudgins is a Horror-Meister to reckon with!"

VICTOR MILLER - Writer of Friday the 13th

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