Settler Election Fever (ep 303)


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On our last Summer '22 episode of collected, connected conversations: settler election fever! In this back half of our political retrospective on Election 2019 and more, we revisit the 2019 campaign's first debate, an infamous campaign scrum, and whether the real solution to our political woes might be an all-Indigenous party. Featured voices this podcast include (in order of appearance): • Hayden King, Executive Director of the Yellowhead Institute based at Toronto Metropolitan University • Vanessa Watts, Yellowhead fellow and Assistant Professor of Indigenous Studies and Sociology at McMaster University • Kim TallBear, Professor in the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Peoples, Technoscience and Society • Candis Callison, Associate Professor in the Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies and the Graduate School of Journalism at UBC • Brock Pitawanakwat, Associate Professor of Indigenous Studies at York University • Ken Williams, Assistant Professor with the University of Alberta's Department of Drama • Wawmeesh Hamilton, journalist and photographer

// CREDITS: Creative Commons music this episode includes “La Citadelle” and “The Tablets” by Komiku, “Trouvée dans la traduction” by Alpha Hydrae, “The Call of the Coyote” by Monplaisir, “High on Loungin’” by Wax Lyricist, and “La maison rose-soleil” by Cuicuitte, and “One Time Last Time” by Soft and Furious. Our opening theme is “Bad Nostalgia (Instrumental)” by Anthem of Rain. This episode was hosted/produced/edited by Rick Harp; production assistance by Courteney Morin.

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