All You Need To Know To Ace That Job Interview with John Harrison


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In this episode of the Noob School podcast, John Sterling talks to fellow The Citadel Alumnus, John Harrision. John and John talk about how you can ace any job interview, coming from a manager’s perspective. Their advice includes doing the easy stuff well, being well-prepared, and maximizing your personal network to get the interview. And no matter what you do, never ever be late.


  • Be vulnerable, be yourself in job interviews
  • Most managers don't get interview training
  • It always helps to be prepared for an interview
  • The most successful people are the ones who deliver under pressure
  • Do all the obvious and easy stuff well
  • If you're well prepared, you won't be too nervous
  • Use your personal network to gain an entry point
  • Mistakes that can get you disqualified for a job interview
  • Everyone should have an elevator pitch ready to go


John H. on earning your interview skills through trial and error: "It's something you learn over time by making mistakes. But you also learn when you hire the right person."

John H. on coming prepared for a job interview: "The most important thing that I look for is preparation. When someone comes into an interview, they may not be the most skilled of the applicants. But you can always be the most prepared. You come in with the list of questions that you've put together based on what you know about the opportunity. You know who I am. You know my background. It's easy to get on LinkedIn."

John H. on using your personal network to find a job: "If you get a job where someone has gone to bat for you and been a reference for you, and then your entry point into that company, they have a vested interest in your success. If you go apply for everything on Indeed and LinkedIn and every other site out there where you can apply for jobs, you might get a job. But most of the time, it's going to be absent of that person that truly has a vested interest in you being successful."

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