INVEST TO BE THE BEST: John Sterling’s Top Recommended Investment


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John is faced with an interesting question today. “I'm a young person I've saved up some money, where should I invest it?”

John talked about the most common answer you can get from people, but he provides a rather unique answer, take that money and invest it in yourself. He talks about the importance of investing in your education and developing skills that will soon lead you to your success. Tune in and hear straight from the mentor himself, in the latest episode of Noob School.


JOHN: Invest in yourself before everything else

“Take that money and invest in yourself. Particularly, when you're young, you're trying to create a skill set that you own, that will make you into a strong weapon that you can use in the business world. So getting an MBA from a good school would be a solid thing to do, or gathering some skill set kind of certifications from the internet, on accounting, or selling, or contract law or any all the things you need to be a project management things, you need to be a good business person today.”

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