TEACH ME MASTER: Learning Sales The Right Way With The Right Mentor With Dustin Caudell


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Dustin Caudell was once a noob under John’s tutelage, now a Principal at Fidens Advisors, he walks with John down memory lane and shares his story about starting in sales and growing into a successful sales leader. Dustin discusses the importance of having a great mentor and how it will shape you as a successful sales person. Learn more about Dustin in this latest episode of Noob School.


JOHN: The secret to making big money

“If you want to get big money from a company, or from a business owner, you need to understand their business and how it's going to make them money.”

DUSTIN: Be successful in sales by finding the right mentor

“Find somebody that is doing the right things that work in sales that you want to do that's having not just one month of success or two months of success, but continued success, and just go figure out what they're doing, then do what they're doing.”

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