Nothing But The Truth - Homicide and Police stories from a Veteran Detective


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Veteran homicide investigator and author Detective Ramesh Nyberg draws back the curtain on homicide investigation- how detectives really work (no Hollywood/TV nonsense), and how death investigations are actually done. "Detective Ram" spent 27 years in law enforcement, 22 of those as a homicide investigator with the Miami-Dade Police Department. He was right in the thick of the "Cocaine Cowboys" era, when Miami's crime rate was the highest in the nation. He talks about interviewing murderers, serving warrants, planning trial strategy with prosecutors, interviewing key witnesses, travel to other countries to extradite fugitives, and will reveal aspects of the job you may never have heard about. Want true crime? It doesn't get much truer than this. If you are an investigator yourself--police or private--you will gain valuable insight into the job that might help your career. In 2021 Ramesh authored "The Ten Must-Haves To Be a Great Detective" (available on Amazon). This podcast covers most of what is in the book and much, much more. Get the real deal on police investigations--get nothing but the truth!

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