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During this year of emotional challenges false narratives have been exposed as pure lies. The virus was already in America in January and thus it would not have been the fault of Donald J Trump for there is nothing more he could have done. The experts were wrong in the majority of there claims regarding the virus. The media was exposed as enemy of the people for disclosing the truth but constantly attacking the president even when he did the right thing. The plan by the Democratic party to steal the election by using the court system to change the rules of the game was exposed. Mega athletes on the side of socialism was exposed along with Black Lives Matter as a Socialist organization was exposed in there own website. The results of the mail in ballots with no need for authorized signitures were implemented in the court system by judges working for the Democratic socialist party which has been exposed. The entire plan to take the white House from an effective President was exposed and now the American people will have to live with the consequences of there decisions. --- Support this podcast:

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