🎧 Power of Place #24: Epiphany Atop Mt Rainier - Nick Bratton


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If you live in the Pacific Northwest, chances are you appreciate the region's unspoiled natural beauty especially forests, farms, shorelines, parks and other natural areas. Join us today for a conversation with Nick Bratton, Senior Director of Policy for Forterra. Since 1989, Forterra has secured over 275,000 acres of land through over 450 land transactions. From the farmlands and river canyons of Yakima to the estuaries and forests of Washington’s coastline, Nick's organization safeguards a healthy environment while fostering community resilience through land acquisition. In this episode Nick will explains how Forterra has helped smaller cities (including Issaquah, Tukwila, Everett, and Kirkland) transition from suburbs into small urban areas while embracing land stewardship. Finally, he provides a primer on Forterra's innovative transfer of development rights (or TDRs) from the rural areas and wilderness to cities like Seattle, for the benefit of both.

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