#185: Twisted Resistor


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First party rumors are growing. With a Twisted Metal revival unannounced (but very much in-development) comes word that it's now an internal project under the control of Firesprite. Meanwhile, the candor ex-Bend Studio leads displayed in a conversation with David Jaffe continue to reverberate, bringing to light the possibility of a Resistance revival, or something new in the world of Syphon Filter. Meanwhile, word out of the UK is that PlayStation Now cards will stop being sold in physical stores, a near-certain sign that Sony's GamePass competitor is nearing. There's more news to discuss, too, including Dying Light 2's hour-count misstep, the continuing manufacture of PlayStation 4, tantalizing details surrounding a possible Armored Core revival, and indications that a second Quantic Dream game may be in development. We then interrupt tradition by forgoing our mailbag-centric ending for something grander: Our Game of the Year awards. We each pick our top three games of 2021, and give away five random awards, as well. So hit play! There's much to discuss.

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