#125: The Seed of the Serpent


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(Recorded on 27 Mar 2021) We want to jump right into where we left off from the previous broadcast and dig deeper into the seed of the serpent. 1 We have done extensive work on setting forth the Seed of the woman. This would be, of course, a reference to Christ, the many-membered Son of God who was sent to the earth to collect up all the redeemed of the earth. The Christ is the one in whom all the sons of God reside collectively as a corporate man, and a corporate man who must grow up. He must grow up because the destiny of the corporate man is to destroy the works of the devil. 2 Children are not assigned such a critically important task. What is amazing to me is how far short of the truth the evangelical gospel actually is. Indeed, it did not originate with the evangelicals; it originated with the Romans. It was transferred from the ...
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