#131: The Mark on the Forehead or the Right Hand


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(Recorded on 19 Apr 2021) In continuing our discussion of Revelation, chapter 13, we have seen how, once the saints have been, in a sense, neutralized, the rest of the story is that the beast continues his rampage in devouring the whole earth, trampling it down, according to Daniel, chapter 7, and crushing it.1 In what manner does that occur? Well, all of that indicates a certain hegemony, a domination of ideas, a domination of thought, particularly as the opposition has been neutralized. So there will be a hardening of anti-God, anti-Christ sentiments in the earth. I used especially the latter term, anti-Christ, intentionally. Because for those who are wondering, "What is the role of the anti-Christ?"� the answer is, he is against Christ. He opposes Christ. But you have to be careful how you oppose Christ because at any moment He may crush the head of ...
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