#135: The Man From Earth the Man From Heaven


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(Recorded on 23 Apr 2021) We will continue to deconstruct Revelation, chapter 13. We talked about those who dwell in the earth versus those who dwell in heaven. The significance of this is we see that the beast has absolute control over those who dwell on the earth, so much so that they eagerly follow the instruction to worship the beast.1 We see further that the war is between the beast and those who dwell in heaven.2 I want to refocus on the word "to dwell"� because of the wisdom and the insight in that word as applied to Revelation, chapter 13, speaking about those who dwell on the earth worshipping the beast versus the beast making war against those who dwell in heaven. I want to revisit that for just a moment before we go on. I want to make the point, you see, that there are only two houses, and there are really only ultimately two fathers. Every reference to a house in Scripture is the reference to a father. It is ...
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