#140: Deceived by the Lawless One


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(Recorded on 22 May 2021) The seven-headed beast with ten horns had been wounded by the sword,1 which is a reference to the word of God.2 We saw the first wounding of this beast by the death of Christ on the cross, and the subsequent coming of the gospel of the Kingdom and the propagating of the gospel of the Kingdom. The beast managed to reconstitute itself by luring the church that had begun to drift away from the truth early after its formation; the church reconstituted itself around grants of power, primarily from the Roman government. But, historically, churches have sought to align themselves with governments and with kings to obtain certain benefits. Even here and now in the United States, the biggest move in the evangelical church has been, of course, to align itself, first with the Republican Party, and then with Donald Trump in particular, as a way of gaining power. So this principle of harlotry has been generally the pattern of the church. Eventually, of course, the beast ...
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