#150: Calculating the Number of the Beast


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(Recorded on 01 Mar 2022) As we resume our messages on the Book of Revelation, we want to develop further the economies of two kingdoms. Sometimes, things that are true are so obviously in front of us that we do not see them. What is the mark of the beast about, really? It is about economies that are designed for control. It is significant that we put this principle back into the Scriptures, because if we do not, you see, we will do what we have traditionally done; we will interpret things willy-nilly. The alternative to interpreting the Scriptures from within the context of Scripture is to simply make it up as we go along. The strength of that is its logical appeal to the mindsets of people in any given age. So, if we are pulling things out of thin air, the basic proof that we rely on to sell these ideas to the general population is that it is logical; it makes sense to a population at a particular moment in ...
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