#154: Babylon: The Next Two Sixes


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(Recorded on 01 Mar 2022) The man of the sixth day is a reference to an economy of the sweat of the brow. It is underwritten by the torment of fear, and people are brought into it-they are herded into it-by this fear of not having enough. And even when, as in the case of Israel, they were supplied every day for forty years,1 the apathy of their unwillingness to commit to the truth they had lived in for so long, which was meant to reset their mindsets from the slavery of Egypt-which was, quintessentially, the sweat of your brow-they would not enter into the rest of God,2 which really would have been the curative result of having been set free from a mindset of slaves. You see, it is not possible to embrace a relationship of sonship so long as you have the mind of a slave. And if you cannot embrace the relationship of a son, you cannot be given an inheritance. Galatians tells us, in chapter 4, that you must first be a son in order to be an heir.3 ...
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