#170: The Spirit of the Prostitute


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(Recorded on 01 Apr 2022) We continue, in the Book of Revelation at this time, chapter 17, to look at the pouring out of the seven bowls of the wrath of God.1 These are final judgments. In that sense, they represent the summation of things since creation-things that have been working through human civilization from the time of creation onward, and now it is the summation of things. You know, a marvelous thing about the Book of Revelation is it introduces the finality of things. One ought to expect that, if the whole Bible and the concept and reality of God makes sense, things that were spoken in the beginning have to have an ending point. And the ending point is not an abrupt ending point. The ending point is when the thing is full, when it has reached its fullness- when everything that was in seed form in the beginning now reaches the full maturity and bears the fruit of what is intrinsically within that which was in a seed form. You would think that people ...
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